Unlimited unattended access for maximum flexibility

Set up unattended access on an unlimited number of remote devices to provide after-hours support, perform server maintenance, or manage your own machines from anywhere, at any time.

Simplify your unattended experience with SetMe

If you need fast, secure and reliable access to unattended machines, SetMe will help grow your business and make your work more flexible than ever before.

Unlimited unattended remote access

Access unlimited devices

Save costs by being able to seamlessly access and control a large number of remote computers or servers without restrictions.

Hassle-free configuration

Streamline your workflow by easily deploying unattended access on a remote computer without having to manually configure any network settings.

Always get connected

Avoid unexpected issues and have peace of mind that your unattended computers are always accessible thanks to SetMe’s bulletproof technology.

Easily configure and install unattended access

Create custom installers tailored for each potential use case scenario and your organization's requirements. Install SetMe's lightweight unattended app on each device individually or save time and resources by mass deploying it across your environment with an MSI package.

Enjoy lightning-fast connection & superior reliability

SetMe delivers the fastest and most reliable connection on the market, allowing you to seamlessly control the remote computer and stay connected regardless of geographical distance or network restrictions, such as firewalls and proxies. All while keeping your data fully protected with end-to-end encryption.

Control an unattended computer with SetMe

Pro-level features for reliable unattended access

SetMe delivers enterprise-grade features that provide you with the flexibility and reliability you need to get the work done.

Single-click connection

Save time by being able to instantly connect to and control any number of unattended remote computers with just one click.

Always-on remote access

Enjoy disruption-free access by preventing SetMe's unattended app from unauthorized or unintentional removal.

Consent preferences

Avoid disturbing workflows or privacy at the remote end by enabling a confirmation prompt that will notify the end-user about an incoming connection.

Shared or private access

Select which devices are shared across your team or configured for strictly private access and update sharing settings as needed.

Sign in with saved credentials

Sign in with saved credentials securely stored on the unattended computer and continue your work without knowing the username and password.

Seamless auto-updates

The remote end is automatically updated to the latest software version so you can access the unattended computer without unforeseen delays.

Organize your devices more efficiently than ever

Make your unattended computers easier to find by grouping and tagging them according to your preference. Conveniently manage any number of devices from anywhere via SetMe's intuitive unattended list as well as search and filter them by tags and folders.

Perform any kind of maintenance tasks

Access unattended devices whenever the time is right to carry out routine maintenance, perform administrative tasks and power actions, such as reboot or shutdown, and observe everything that's happening at the remote end. Use saved credentials to sign in after a reboot and avoid being stuck on the login screen.

Do more with SetMe

Deliver support faster and more effectively than ever before with SetMe's wide range of features that will supercharge your business.

Frequently asked questions

How many unattended computers can I manage with SetMe?

SetMe Ultimate lets you access and manage an unlimited number of unattended remote computers with a single SetMe seat. With SetMe Professional, you can access and manage up to 500 machines per subscription. See our Pricing page for more information.

How does SetMe unattended remote access work?

To start using SetMe's unattended access, configure a lightweight installer via the SetMe portal and run it on the target computer. After that, you will be able to connect to the remote computer in the end-user's absence using SetMe's Expert app installed on your desktop.

What are the benefits of unattended remote access?

Unattended access allows you to securely connect to any remote computer when no one is present at the remote end, thereby saving you time and streamlining your entire workflow. With unattended access, you can provide remote support without the end-user's involvement, conduct after-hours maintenance tasks, and easily manage your own devices on the go.

What is the difference between attended and unattended remote access?

An attended remote support session is initiated by a remote user seeking immediate technical assistance. In contrast, unattended remote access is used for regular connections to a specific device without the end-user's involvement.

What operating systems does SetMe support for remote access?

Currently, SetMe's unattended access can be installed on Windows remote computers. Support for macOS will be added in Q2 2024.

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