Reliable architecture with security at heart

We put security at the forefront of our development process to make your business bulletproof at the core. SetMe is built using cutting-edge technologies to protect you against any existing and potential threats.

Strongest end-to-end encryption

SetMe leverages the WebRTC peer-to-peer communication technology to deliver superior connectivity and ensure that all remote connections are end-to-end encrypted using Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) protocol and, therefore, fully secure.

Reliable server network

SetMe uses a highly reliable and secure network of Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure servers with SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certification. SetMe's services are distributed across multiple physically separate data centers, which ensures the maximum level of protection against data loss and single data center failures.

Regulatory compliance

Built using best-in-class communication technologies, SetMe provides the most secure way to manage remote computers and transfer data and allows you to meet even the strictest regulatory requirements, including PCI and HIPAA.

Code Signing

All application setup files are digitally signed with a Code Signing certificate from Sectigo, the world's largest commercial certificate authority, which identifies SetMe as a reliable and trusted software and ensures that the code has not been modified by a third party.

Powerful features for better transparency and stronger account security

SetMe offers a comprehensive set of features to help admins stay on top of how the application is being used.

Two-factor authentication

SetMe provides two-factor authentication as an extra security layer to protect your account. With 2FA enabled, you must provide an one-time passcode on top your password to sign in successfully.

Central user management

Get full control over your entire organizational workflow. Add, disable or delete users, manage their two-factor authentication settings and assign permissions from a single dashboard.

User activity & login history reporting

SetMe lets you prevent the potential misuse of the application by always staying on top of how it is being used. With SetMe's centralized reporting, you can easily review and audit user activity logs, as well as generate connection and login history reports.

Automatic connection video recording

SetMe allows you to have all of your connections recorded and stored for quality assurance and auditing purposes. You may choose to video record specific connections manually or enable automatic video recording for all of your connections.

Additional security measures for maximum protection

Customer protection

SetMe can never be run in the background without the remote user being aware of it. The remote user will always observe what’s happening on their screen and can terminate the connection at any time.

Strong passwords

Strict password policies are applied to all SetMe accounts. A strong password is checked against a list of the most common passwords and must not be the same as the email address or the name of the account holder.

Prevention of brute-force attacks

SetMe prevents brute-force attacks by limiting the maximum number of attempts to connect with an incorrect Client ID for a user in a specific time frame as well as locking out accounts after a defined number of unsuccessful login attempts.

Infrastructure encryption & risk assessments

We use infrastructure-level encryption to ensure maximum protection of all data. We also conduct regular risk assessments to identify any potential threats. On top of that, just a handful of our trusted top managers have access to SetMe’s infrastructure. These measures help us eliminate the possibility of any internal or external security breaches.

We are committed to ensuring that all our customer data are treated in a way that complies with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We have implemented strict technical measures and internal policies to ensure complete data security under GDPR.

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