Remote desktop features built for Pros

Every SetMe feature is honed to perfection to deliver the level of performance and reliability that exceeds anything you've ever experienced before.

Cross-platform access

Easily access remote Windows and Mac computers in just three simple steps and manage them as if you were physically there.

Multi-session handling

Connect to and take full control of an unlimited number of remote computers simultaneously.

Secure unattended access

Access a large number of unattended computers and keep your own devices at hand when working from another location.

Run as admin

Enable admin mode to switch users, sign out and sign in, control Windows UAC prompts, and install software on the remote computer.

Reboot and reconnect

Restart a remote computer in either normal or safe mode and automatically reconnect without any interruption.

Reconnect after shutdown

Stay connected to the remote computer even after a long period of sleep or shutdown on either end.

Drag & drop file transfer

Seamlessly transfer data between the connected remote computers using drag-and-drop regardless of the operating system.

Clipboard synchronization

Securely share clipboard data, such as text, images, files, folders, etc. between your own and the remote user's computer.

Remote system information

Get details about the remote computer's OS and hardware without having to manually navigate through its settings.

Multi-window control

Multitask effectively by managing and switching between all of the connected computers at the same time.

Blank remote screen

Protect your data and prevent anyone with physical access to the remote computer from monitoring your activity.

Lock remote keyboard

Temporarily lock the remote keyboard and mouse to eliminate unwanted user interference during remote control.

The ultimate toolkit for providing remote support

Own your IT support process from start to finish with SetMe's array of intuitive features that are constantly being improved.

Security features for greater peace of mind

SetMe offers robust security features to safeguard your data and ensure maximum protection against any kind of existing or potential cyberthreats.

Peer-to-peer connection

SetMe ensures a stable and secure peer-to-peer remote desktop connection without the involvement of a separate server.

End-to-end encryption

All SetMe connections are end-to-end encrypted using Data Transport Layer Security (DTLS) protocol.

Two-factor authentication

Enable optional two-step authentication for your own and your users' accounts for extra security.

Advanced remote desktop toolbar

The SetMe toolbar makes working with remote computers easier than ever, bringing powerful ways to communicate with the remote user, seamlessly navigate the remote screen, and adjust numerous settings for optimal performance.

Manage multi-monitor systems

Seamlessly view, control and toggle between any number of displays connected to the remote computer.

Easily scale the remote screen

Adjust and conveniently navigate a remote screen of any size with SetMe's powerful scaling features.

Zoom in and out

Get a close-up view of the remote screen or zoom out to see more of it at a reduced size.

Adjust image quality

Change image quality settings or hide the remote desktop's wallpaper to speed up the performance and eliminate delays.

Disable control

Temporarily release the remote mouse and keyboard and grant control over them to the remote user.

Adjust toolbar behavior

You can choose to hide and show the toolbar manually or configure it to hide automatically when not in use.

Send Ctrl-Alt-Del

Send the Ctrl+Alt+Del command to a Windows computer or open the Force Quit menu on a Mac with just one click.

Communicate via text chat

Communicate with the remote user via text chat directly in the remote desktop window.

Capture videos and screenshots

Capture videos and screenshots of active connections, save them on your computer for auditing and training purposes.

Multiple setup options

SetMe makes it easier to establish a remote connection by offering multiple client setup options that suit every need.

Portable app

Connect in seconds with SetMe's lightweight portable client application designed for single-use scenarios where installation is not necessary.

Desktop app

For regular connections, provide the remote user with the automatically updated client app by permanently installing it on their computer.

MSI package

Mass deploy the client application to any number of remote computers using Group Policy or a deployment tool of your choice.

Admin features

Our intuitive web portal lets you manage your entire team, account and subscription from anywhere, on any device.

Create and manage users on your team

Add users to your account, select the appropriate permissions, conveniently manage passwords, enable two-factor authentication, and delete or disable users. Invite team members to take advantage of all insights and functionality, or grant limited access to only those features that you want them to see.

Get insights into your team's performance

Review license usage and get actionable insights about your team's performance, connection activity and login history with the advanced reporting features. SetMe keeps all the reports you might need in one handy place and allows you to export or print them for further assessment.

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