Feature roadmap

We're at the start of something amazing. Our team is working day and night to create the number one remote support solution where every new feature is carefully thought out and brought to perfection.

Unattended access

Establish a secure unattended connection to provide support without disturbing the remote user and fix issues when no one's present at the remote end. Save time and resources by getting instant 24/7 access to multiple remote devices and always keep your own computers at hand when working from another location.

  • Manage your unattended computers via SetMe's Expert console or web portal, as well as perform bulk operations, rename, sort, search, and group them according to your preference.
  • Conveniently mass deploy the unattended access client to any number of remote machines or servers with an MSI package.
  • Protect the unattended client app from unauthorized or unintentional removal by the remote user. This way the remote user will not be able to delete the unattended client from their computer without your consent.
  • Create custom columns within your unattended list to save time and show information that is valuable to you. View important data about your unattended devices, such as their statuses, IP addresses, OS versions, and other useful details.
  • Control user access permissions by selecting which unattended machines are shared across your team or configured for strictly private access.
  • Invite the remote user to enter their system credentials during the unattended setup so that you can automatically sign in to the remote computer without knowing its username and password. This will especially come in handy if you want to reboot the machine during an unattended session.
  • Have peace of mind knowing that all unattended client applications are automatically updated in the background, so you can access them at any time without unforeseen delays.
  • Seamlessly move your FixMe.IT unattended computers to SetMe using a special migration tool without the need to perform any time-consuming or manual reinstalls.

ETA: Q1 2024

Always-on connectivity

We're developing SetMe into a trailblazing cloud-native platform, and we're just getting started. SetMe will push the limits by offering boundless opportunities to connect, support, and collaborate like never before.

Auto-resume connection

SetMe's cloud-native architecture will make it possible for you to continue working with a remote computer for as long as needed, even if you have to switch to a different location. All active connections are securely stored in the cloud, remain purely peer to peer, and can be immediately accessed from anywhere whenever you wish to resume them. The Expert console also lives in the cloud, which means that if you need to take a break or continue the support session on another computer, all you have to do is simply open the app on another device. Even if a restart or shutdown occurred at the remote end while the connection was paused, you will always be able to continue where you left off.

ETA: 2024

Session transfer

Don't make the remote user wait on hold while you get the right person to complete the task! The upcoming session transfer feature will let you solve customer issues faster by seamlessly handing off an active remote connection to another support technician who can get the job done more effectively. On top of that, multiple technicians will be able to connect to the same remote computer in order to collaborate more efficiently and resolve issues together.

ETA: 2024

Connect via link/invite

Invite the remote user to connect via an invitation email or custom link without guiding them through verbal instructions or websites. Less tech-savvy users will be able to join your support session with just one click, which will significantly minimize their involvement and further simplify the connection process for everyone.

ETA: 2024


Screen sharing

The ability to share your screen with any number of remote users is essential if you need to host web conferences, online demos and presentations, share important information, or provide clear on-screen instructions instead of trying to walk the remote user through a specific task over the phone. The upcoming screen sharing feature will allow you to easily present your work, collaborate with your customers or colleagues, and resolve issues faster via a secure peer-to-peer connection. On top of that, you'll be able to toggle between controlling the remote desktop and sharing your screen without having to start a new connection.

ETA: 2024

Audio calls

Streamline your support service and avoid roaming charges by instantly and securely initiating a built-in VoIP call with the remote user to talk things over in real-time without the use of any third-party tools. Keep all your calls fully secure with industry-leading end-to-end encryption, so conversations stay between you and the remote user.

ETA: 2024

Pencil tool

Easily guide the remote user during presentations, tutorials, and support tasks by drawing and highlighting important objects on the remote screen using the pencil tool. Choose whether you want your sketches to disappear automatically or manually erase them when needed. For even greater real-time collaboration, the remote user will also be able to draw on their screen, take notes and visualize their questions. This will help significantly speed up problem resolution and improve communication between you and the remote user.

ETA: 2024

Branding & customization

Provide the remote user with an easy way to request assistance by integrating SetMe into your website. Customize the Client app with your company logo, custom colors and instructions to provide branded support to your customers. Easily whitelabel SetMe using basic HTML and CSS that don't require any advanced coding skills.

Advanced background tasks

Command line

Run a command prompt or terminal window within SetMe's Expert console to send background commands to any number of remote computers. Perform a variety of admin tasks, install updates, change network configuration, and bulk execute scripts without disturbing the remote user or even viewing the remote screen. The command line feature will also come in handy when managing headless computers or servers without GUI.

ETA: 2024

Detailed system information

Always stay on top of what's happening on the remote computer with the additional features of SetMe's system information tab. Troubleshoot problems faster by getting instant access to the remote system's processes, services, and network configuration right in the Expert console. Keep all that information at hand without having to manually search for it on the remote computer.

ETA: 2024

File manager

Quickly navigate the remote computer's file system and manage files and folders directly from the Expert console without the need to control the remote computer. No matter if the remote user is on macOS or Windows, perform any file system operations between your local and the remote machine by easily copying, moving, deleting, and renaming files and folders.

ETA: 2025

Remote desktop features

Improved screen blanking: macOS support

We're bringing SetMe's screen blanking feature, which is already available for Windows clients, to macOS. This means that you will enjoy all of its benefits across both Mac and Windows operating systems by being able to temporarily black out the remote screen and thus protect the contents of your support session from unauthorized or undesirable viewing. Screen blanking is especially useful when working with sensitive data on remote devices located in public areas, such as digital billboards, PoS terminals, and ATMs.

ETA: 2024

Remote screen resolution

Instantly adjust for discrepancies between your own and the remote user's screen sizes and resolutions by changing the remote screen resolution via the toolbar without having to manually go through the remote computer's settings. This new feature will allow you to get quick, single-click access to all resolutions available on the remote computer and optimize performance when working with different types of devices and OS versions.

ETA: 2024

True multi-monitor support

Connect to a multi-display setup by opening multiple remote desktop windows for each remote display and use them separately on your local monitors. The upcoming improvement of SetMe's multi-monitor navigation functionality will let you have all of the remote monitors easily mapped to your local displays. This will provide you with a true multi-monitor navigation experience allowing you to conveniently work with the content of the remote screens within your local environment.

ETA: 2024

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